Hereby I present to you the newest team on the softball map - "Flamingos Sofia" based in Bulgaria. 

My name is Veneta Tosheva and I recently took the big step to start my own softball team. In the last few years, softball became a major part of my life - I read a lot, practiced during every spare minute, listened carefully to the experienced softball players around me. I never stop learning, because this sport has so many things to teach me and that is why I find it so appealing. 

"Flamingos Sofia" was registered in December 2019. At the moment I coach softball adult women who are interested in the sport. For our practices we use a sports hall of a school and thanks to an old friend of mine, I have been given the opportunity to coach also students in the same school and also two other schools in the district as a part of the extra curriculum classes. The most devoted students will be able to join the softball team, based on their skills and willingness to grow in the lines of the softball field. 

It is my priority to work on developing the sport in Bulgaria and Europe and to make the game popular. What I wish for this team is to have players who play from the heart, to give the best of their abilities and be respectful to the teammates, the opposing team and to the softball game. To be aware that there is a long way to the top and never to give up. There will be moments of wining, there will be moments of losing and the most important - there always will be one team to go through altogether.

I am just starting and every start is difficult. Having the support of my friends and the Bulgarian Softball Federation is making me grateful, helping me think positive and making it all possible. The potential to be a big softball family lies in the passion to the game!

You can follow us:

Facebook page: softball club ‘’Flamingos Sofia’’

Instagram :flamingossofia