February 7th, Vilnius - Saronno will host the Women's Cup Winners Cup, Women's European Cup returns to Dupnitsa.

Up until today, participating teams of the Women's Cup, and the Women's Cup Winners Cup were waiting for the appointment of the organizer to host the two events. 

Both had two bids; Women's Cup - Dupnitsa (BUL) and Moscow (RUS) and Cup Winners Cup - Saronno (ITA) and Moscow (RUS). 

Today, at the ESF TC Committee Meeting, the National Federations of the teams that entered each competition were allowed to vote for their preferred organizer. 

In the end, Federations chose Saronno (ITA) to host the Winners Cup, and Dupnitsa (BUL) to host the Women's Cup.

Coed Slowpitch Super Cup doesn't get this lucky. There is still no organizer to host the 16 teams that entered the competition. The very last deadline to put a bid in is February 14th. After that date, the tournament in 2020 would be canceled.

Unlike the Super Cup, Men's Slowpitch European Championship has found its organizer during the last days before the TC Committee meeting, Colorno (ITA) will host this second edition of this competition.

Efforts of all the clubs that put their bids in are highly appreciated and needed for the ongoing development of softball in Europe.

-Helena Novotna-
/cover photo by Boris Mutafchiev/