The European Softball Federation has been monitoring the current situation side by side with the organizers of the U15 Women’s European Championship in Enschede (NED). After a couple of weeks from the postponement, an agreement was found upon the dates of the event:

U15 Women’s European Championship - Enschede -  August 24 - 29, 2020

This event is a key one for the youth development, being it the qualifier of the first-ever WBSC U-15 Women's World Cup.
Also, the U-15 Women's European Championship is the chance for many girls to represent their countries for the first time.

ESF President Gabriel Waage comments: "When the ESF Board decided to postpone this event, the goal was to wait to make the health situation better. I believe these are the latest possible dates for a junior event to happen. ESF will guarantee the safety and well-being of everybody involved in the tournaments, this is why the Board will keep on tracking the development of coronavirus."

June 15 is the set date to reconfirm ESF scheduled events for 2020.

/ Elda Ghilardi