Women's European Premiere Cup (XLI)

Location: Forli, Italy

Dates: 20 Aug 2018 to 25 Aug 2018

Type: Official

Category: Adult Women

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Women's European Premiere Cup
At the Women's Premiere Cup, all the teams play each other. After a total of 36 games were played in the round robin, the top four of this edition was decided. Zraloci Ledenice (CZE), Forli, Bussolengo (ITA) and Olympia Haarlem (NED) were going to play for the title of the Club European Champion 2018. The first game of the top four was being played between Olympia Haarlem and Zraloci Ledenice. After an eight inning (tie break) game, it was Zraloci Ledenice who took the win and advanced to the top three. On the same evening, Bussolengo’s win against Forli with 11:1 made sure they already reserved their spot in the final. The next day, Zraloci’s win over Forli gave them a spot in the final as well.
Until the 6th inning of the final, it was not clear who would take home the gold medal. With a 0:0 score until the bottom 6 inning, it was Bussolengo who got through and scored three runs. Zraloci wasn’t able to score anymore, which meant that Bussolengo took home the title of Club European Champion 2018 with a 3:0 victory.
Find the final standings of the tournament here.

Official Federations

  • CEB
  • Olympic
  • World Anti-doping Agency
  • WBSC
  • Enjoy it
  • Tecnovap
  • Whistle shop
  • Bownet
  • Nieuwe Erf