Women's European Cup Winners Cup (XXVII)

Location: Euro Stars – Capelle a.d. IJsell, Netherlands

Dates: 20 Aug 2018 to 25 Aug 2018

Type: Official

Category: Adult Women

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Women's European Cup Winners Cup

The round robin games of this tournament were being played during the first three days. The 12 participating teams were divided into two pools, where from day four the top three of each pool advanced to the winners pool (top six). Sparks Haarlem and Bollate Tecnovap Innovi both advanced to the winners pool, until then undefeated. Together with Joudrs Praha (CZE), Wesseling Vermins (GER), Atletico San Sebastian (ESP) and Royal Greys (BEL) they formed the top six. Ending up fifth and sixth, Royal Greys and Atletico where the first ones to be eliminated from taking the title. The game for a spot straight into the final was being played between Sparks and Bollate. After an amazing nine innings game, Bollate took the first spot in the final by winning with 1:0. This meant that Sparks had to win the semi-final against Joudrs and they did. With a 4:1 score, Joudrs ended up with the bronze medal and Sparks advanced to the finals.
The final was everything you expect a final to be. The expectations were already high because of the nine innings game earlier that week. Up until the sixth inning, no runs were allowed and the score stayed 0:0. Although Sparks pitcher Jolene Henderson allowed only two runs in the game, Bollate was able to take the lead with 1:0 in the bottom 6th inning. Pitcher for Bollate, Greta Cecchetti didn't allow any hit in the seventh inning, which meant that they won the game and took home the gold medal. 
Find the final standings of the tournament here.

Official Federations

  • CEB
  • Olympic
  • World Anti-doping Agency
  • WBSC
  • Enjoy it
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  • Bownet
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