European Super Cup Men (V.)

Location: Azzano, Staranzano, Castions delle Mura, Italy

Dates: 29 Aug 2016 to 03 Sep 2016

Type: Official

Category: Adult Men

Club: Azzanese Softball Baseball, Contact person: Irene Michielan, Email: irenemichi@yahoo.comazzanesesoftball@libero.it (use both at once)

Photogallery by Rein Merkx: Facebook

1.Pro Roma (ITA)
2.Braves (BEL)
3.Spectrum (CZE)
4.Bulls (DEN)
5.CZE 23 (CZE)
6.Hurricanes (DEN)
7.Tempo (CZE)
8.Pioniers (NED)
9.Eagles (CZE)
1.Quick (NED)
2.Pantheres (FRA)
3.Junior Alpina (ITA)
4.Magos (ESP)
5.Adegeest (NED)
6.Chicaboo's (BEL)
7.Gladsaxe (DEN)
8.Medvedi (CRO)
9.Cavigal Nice (FRA)


Pro Roma wins the European Super Cup again!

18 teams took part in the tournament and most of them took advantage of the possibility to add up to three pickup players, or any European players, to their rosters. There were pickup players from Argentina, Mexico, USA, Venezuela and New Zealand. 

As the ESCM is the only Cup competition for men in Europe, conditions for entries allow more than just one team per country. The regulations specifically state: “Affiliated Federations may enter their two best teams from their national championship played in the year before each ESCM competition. As a concession to the leading countries of men’s fast pitch in Europe, three teams may be entered by the countries which have finished in the first three places (medal winners) of the previous EChM. The winners of the previous year SUPER CUP and CUP II (ESF Cup) automatically qualify to participate at next event. The host country for each ESCM may enter one extra team. The number one and two of the previous European Championship Junior Men are also qualified to participate. Up to two extra teams from outside Europe can be invited by EC ESF, who may also allow further participants in case of special circumstances.

According to the above-mentioned specific regulations, eight European countries were represented at the ESCM:
Belgium: Brasschaat Braves, Chicaboo’s Stabroek   
Czech Republic: Spectrum Praha, Eagles Praha, Tempo Praha, Czech Republic U23    
Croatia: SK Medvednica Mrki Medvedi    
Denmark: Hørsholm Hurricanes, Stenløse Bulls, Gladsaxe Softball Klub    
France: Pessac Pantheres, Nice Cavigal    
Italy: Pro Roma, Junior Alpina    
Netherlands: BSC Quick, Hsv Adegeest, Hofddoorp Pioniers    
Spain: C.D. Magos de Tenerife  

For the round robin games - the first three days of the event - the teams were divided into three pools. First three squads from each pool advanced to the Super Cup tournament, and the remaining teams played the ESF Cup tournament.  

Super Cup teamsESF Cup teams
Braves (5 – 0)Quick (2 – 3)
Pioniers (5 – 0)Pantheres (1 – 4)
Pro Roma (4 – 1)Junior Alpina (2 – 3)
CZE U23 (4 – 1)Medvedi (1 – 4)
Hurricanes (4 – 1)Adegeest (1 – 4)
Spectrum (4 – 1)Gladsaxe (1 – 4)
Bulls (3 – 2)Cavigal Nice (1 – 4)
Eagles (3 – 2)Chicaboo’s (1 – 4)
Tempo (2 – 3)Magos (1 – 4)

Some of the final games of Super Cup were the most exciting and thrilling one can image. Bulls won their game against Hurricanes 14-9 when they rallied from trailing 1-8 in the third inning. The final game itself was a tight one - Pro Roma won 2-1 and celebrated second consecutive Club Champion title. The Brasschaat Braves also repeated their position from the 2015 ESCM and took silver medals. Spectrum Praha equaled their best-ever ESCM result from 2013 and placed third. 

Junior Alpina was very close to advancing to the final game twice, but lost both chances in extra innings and placed third. Quick and Pantheres met in the final and clashed in another tight game. The Dutch team came out as the winner with the score of 3-2. photo by Mirjam Boode

The ESF doesn’t award individuals at its competitions, but it is the organizer’s right to do so. The best athletes of both tournaments were recognized during the closing ceremony. 

Super Cup individual awards:
Best pitcher: Maximilian Montero (Pro Roma) 
Best batter: David Mertl (Spectrum) 
MVP: Pablo Skladny (Braves) 

ESF Cup individual awards:
Best pitcher: Juan Ado Potolicchio (Junior Alpina)
Best batter: Marcello Malatesta (Junior Alpina)
MVP: Shawn Koster (Quick) 

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