Following the recent agreement between the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) and the European Softball Federation (ESF) for the establishment of a European Baseball/Softball Steering Committee (EBSSC), implementation of this concept has now begun.  

The EBSSC was created to form a regional alliance which will provide guidance on key issues around the development and operations of the two sports throughout Europe.

The agreement called for the establishment of three joint committees for Development, Marketing and Media, and General Operations.  At the ESF Executive meeting held in Haarlem on November 25th, CEB President Jan Esselman presented baseball’s nominations for these committees, and members of the ESF Executive added their nominations.  With that, these committees have come into being, along with a further committee to promote the delivery across Europe of a youth development programme known as BeeBall.

Below are the Chairs and members of each committee:


Chair: Ami Baran
Youri Alkalay
Mick Manning
John Boyd
Monique Schmitt
Eddy Van Straelen
Anton Kops (Marketing)
Clinicians to be named

Marketing and Media
Chair: Peter Kurz
John Boyd
Slobodan Djuric
Helena Novotna

Chair: Gabriel Waage
Mette Nissen Jacobsen
Monique Schmitt
Kristina Uroic

These committees have been given the task of proposing joint projects in their respective areas, with the option of establishing skills-based project teams with members recruited from around Europe.

Jan Esselman                                                                                    Andre van Overbeek

President                                                                                           President
Confederation of European Baseball (CEB)                     European Softball Federation (ESF)

download this press release here:

Press release - Steering Committee.pdf