IMPORTANT – New Media Accreditation for 2016 season tournaments 

April 11, 2016 

Do you want to get the best softball shots? Are you bringing the latest news from European Championships to fans of sport in your country? Do you want to film interviews and the best moments of the games? Are you accredited for this year? Read on…

The European Softball Federation has brought in new regulations ensuring better access to sporting events for journalists. Dependent on the organiser’s resources, these will include:

  • Special areas designated for accredited photographers, videographers and journalists to enable  them to take the best quality shots and to see every action to detail.    
  • Wi-Fi connections and charging stations for electronic devices.    
  • A media room with  storage for equipment will be available.  Are you accredited for this year?

To become a media accredited person, head over to the Media/Accreditation section on our website and fill in the application form. Your accreditation will be confirmed by the ESF Communications Director within a few days. Accreditation may also be provided by the organizer during the event. In such case, setting up special areas or additional facilities for you may not be possible. We suggest you apply for media accreditation at least two weeks prior to the start of the tournament.  

For more information, contact the ESF Communications Director, Helena Novotná:

download this press release here:

ESF Media Accreditation 2016.pdf