ESF Announces the First-ever European Softball Rankings 

May 24, 2016 

The European Softball Federation is introducing European Softball Rankings for women’s and men’s fastpitch and also for slowpitch! 

The ESF ranking system evaluates countries according to their Senior National Team results, but also takes into account Youth National Team attendance at European Championships.  So this system produces rankings that reflect a combination of competition achievement and softball development.  

How the ESF ranking system works: 

There will be three rankings: for women’s fastpitch, men’s fastpitch and slowpitch. Rankings will based on points (multipied by 100) given according to final standings at European Championships in all categories, with the following weighting: 

·       Senior European Championship – 100% 
·       Junior European Championship – 50%
·       All others (U22 and U16) – 25% 

The ranking system will only take into account the two most recent Championships in each category, with the following weighting:
·       Most recent ECh – 100%
·       Previous ECh – 50% A total of all the points awarded will determine the placement of each country in each ranking.

More information is available here

For more information, contact the ESF Communications Director, Helena Novotná:

download this press release here:

European Softball Rankings announcement.pdf