The Netherlands dominate the European Championship U-22 Women in Softball


July 11, 2016


V. European Championship U22 Women in Softball was held in Pardubice, Czech Republic July 4 – 9.

The final standings were:

1. Netherlands (Gold)
 2. Russia (Silver)
 3. Czech Republic (Bronze)
 4. Slovakia
 5. Poland
 6. Greece
 7. Ukraine
 8. Lithuania  


  The Netherlands dominated the whole tournament and remained undefeated. The Dutch team only played one seven-inning game as all the remaining games finished prematurely on mercy rule. The Dutch team has participated in this competition for the first time in history.

  Team Russia, on the other hand, has not missed this tournament since it was established in 2008. Russian players always placed in the top three every single time and they even won the last two Championships.

  The Czech Republic is another regular participant of this competition and has always been a tough oponent for the Russians. As the hosting team, the Czechs were a little disappointed with only taking the bronze medals at the end.

   Slovakia executed an outstanding and unexpected performance and many agreed, that this team would deserve better, than the fourth place. Despite a non-medal position in the final standings, Slovakian team changed history having won against the Czechs.

  Team Poland was led by a Dutch headcoach – Ben ten Pas. The team proved, that softball program in Poland does not only develop the level of softball, but also strengthens passion of the players for this game.

  Despite placing sixth, Greek team performed some of the most exciting defensive plays of the tournament. Loren-Kathy Stavrou, the Greek pitcher was according to the statistics one of the best pitchers in this event.

  Ukrainian coach Vasyl Kysil said, that his team mostly consisted of young players, who were proud to represent their country. National Team Ukraine competed also at all the four previous U22 Women’s Championships.

  Team Lithuania is a team with the shortest history. Softball program in Lithuania has only started about three years ago. The team consisted of very young players, who were mainly gaining more experience. Even though, they played exceptionally well. This roster may actually participate in this category again not only in 2018, but also in 2020.


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