Club Champions of 2016: Sparks (NED) and Pro Roma (ITA)

     September 5, 2016

European Premiere Cup Women in softball was held in Ronchi, Italy, August 15-20. At this competition, winners of national championships compete to determine the absolute club champion every year.

Nine teams took part in this tournament, while another eight teams played simultaneously European Cup B, whose winner advanced to the Premiere Cup for the next season.

All top four teams were very close to winning the Champions' Cup, all their playoff games were decided on a single run and none of the teams remained undefeated throughout the complete tournament. In the end, it was the Dutch club Sparks who seized the title and won for the fourth time in history of the competition.

The final standings were:

Premiere Cup (A)

1. Sparks (NED)

2. Joudrs (CZE)

3. Forli (ITA)

4. Bussolengo (ITA)

5. Vermins (GER)

6. Skövde (SWE)

7. Les Comanches (FRA)

8. Eagles (SUI)

9. Hoboken (BEL)

European Cup (B)

1. Mediterraneo (MLT)

2. Storms (CZE)

3. Sant Boi (ESP)

4. SC Arena (SRB)

5. Princ Zagreb (CRO)

6. Mesarji (SLO)

7. Warsaw Diamonds (POL)

8. Odense Giants (DEN)


European Super Cup Men in fastpitch softball was held at four venues in Italy; Azzano, Staranzano, Castions, and Cervignano, August 29 - September 3. 

Men's Super Cup is the largest men's fastpitch softball competition in Europe and it is held every year. This is also the highest-level men's softball tournament in Europe thanks to the possibility of including pick-up players from outside Europe - typically Argentina, New Zealand, Australia - in the rosters.

 Super Cup is an unusually designed tournament, which splits into two tournaments after the round robin phase. In this case, top nine teams advanced to the Super Cup and the remaining nine teams played the ESF Cup. There are medalists for both of these tournaments.

 Italian team Pro Roma won the Super Cup for the second time in a row, similarly the Braves took silver once again.

The final standings were:

European Super Cup

1. Pro Roma (ITA)

2. Brasschaat Braves (BEL)

3. Spectrum Praha (CZE)

4. Stenlose Bulls (DEN)

5. CZE 23 (CZE)

6. Horsholm Hurricanes (DEN)

7. Tempo Praha (CZE)

8. Hofddoorp Pioniers (NED)

9. Eagles Praha (CZE)


ESF Cup 

1. BSC Quick Amersfoort (NED)

2. Pessac Pantheres (FRA)

3. Junior Alpina (ITA)

4. Magos de Tenerife (ESP)

5. Adegeest (NED)

6. Chicaboo's (BEL)

7. Gladsaxe (DEN)

8. Medvedi (CRO)

9. Cavigal Nice (FRA)


More information, results and statistics of the three tournaments are available through the following links: European Premiere Cup WomenEuropean Cup Women BEuropean Super Cup Men, or on request at:

Photos by Grega Valancic and Rein Markx

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