June 30, 2017

The Netherlands are the first finalist of the Softball European Championship, Italy and Great Britain will fight for the second spot in the final tomorrow.European softball champion of 2017 will be determined tomorrow. The Dutch team made it directly to the final in a close semifinal game against Italy. 

Italy now has to play one extra game and beat team Great Britain to be able to get the second title in a row.

The Netherlands vs Italy (semifinal) 

The only run of the game was scored in the third inning. Both Karin Tuk and Brenda Beers hit a single, then both Britt Vonk and Chantal Versluis were hit by pitch.  Gretta Cecchetti, who usually is the one who leads her team to the most important wins, had to make it through this difficult moment. Her teammates weren't able to hit though. Lindsey Meadows, who pitched the complete game for the Dutch, recorded a no-hitter and supported by an outstanding defense kept the Italians short of scoring. The game ended in seven innings with an Italian runner in scoring position - on the third base.

The Czech Republic vs Great Britain (quarterfinal) 

Winner of this game made it to the top three, therefore qualified for the next year's world championship, and most importantly for now - made it to the second semifinal. The game remained scoreless until the first extra-inning when both teams scored once. In the second extra-inning, Kendyl Scott tripled to the left field, two runs were scored and her team took the important win. The Czech Republic took the fourth place in the tournament.

The European Champion will be determined tomorrow At 1 pm tomorrow (July 1st), Italy will play the second semifinal game against Great Britain. The loser will get bronze medals, the winner will advance to the final. At 6 pm, the final game of the European Championship will start for the Dutch National Team and one of the semifinalists.

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