ESF announces the installation of a new position - ESF Communication Director. The board members approved Mrs. Helena Novotna to run this new position at the EC meeting in November.

The main reason is to have a professional, who is responsible for two main aspects of ESF agenda - communication and presentation. Helena will run the organization's social media, including the website. She will compose and distribute newsletters and press releases. In specific cases, Mrs. Novotna will lead an information campaign; her duties will include assisting the ECs with outputs and helping with media coverage of top ESF events.

“ESF took a big step forward by introducing the position of ESF Communication Director and I am happy Helena is the person appointed to this job, because of her excellent outcomes in the past two years,” said André van Overbeek, ESF President.

Helena Novotna received a bachelors degree in Media Studies at Charles University in Prague and is currently taking a masters in the same field. In 2013 she was a member of the media staff for the European Championship and the European Cup in Czech Republic and she was in charge of social media at Women’s World Championship in Haarlem 2014. Helena will be personally introduced at ESF Congress in Dublin, but you can already reach her at

“It's an offer I couldn't refuse - a challenge and an opportunity. I'm looking forward to being involved in the process of developing communication strategy for European softball. I’m proud to be a part of the ESF team,” said Helena Novotna, ESF Communication Director.

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