16.8. 2015


gold silver bronze
Italy Netherlands Czech Republic

EChW was held in Rosmalen, Netherlands July 19th – July 25th. A solid number of 20 national teams took part in the championship and placed as follows: 1. Italy, 2. Netherlands, 3. Czech Republic, 4. Russia, 5. Great Britain, 6. Austria, 7. Germany, 8. Spain, 9. France, 10. Greece, 11. Sweden, 12. Ukraine, 13. Denmark, 14. Slovenia, 15. Poland, 16. Slovakia, 17. Croatia, 18. Switzerland, 19. Ireland, 20. Israel.

After six years of Dutch dominance, the level difference among the top teams is disappearing; as a proof, all the medal games were very close with only one or two deciding runs. Italy won the Championship and deserved the title of European Champion. EChW has been played since 1979, both Italy and Netherlands won 9 times. With this year’s win, Italy has become the most successful European team with 10 European Championship titles.


gold silver bronze
Great Britain Czech Republic Ireland

EChCS was held in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria July 28th – August 1st. The six participating teams played a double round robin (all the teams played each other twice). Due to adverse weather, some games had to be cancelled and the final standing was decided according to the round robin results. Great Britain became an undefeated champion for the tenth time in a row. In fact, no other team has ever won the EChCS.

Final standings: 1. Great Britain, 2. Czech Republic, 3. Ireland, 4. Germany,  5. Bulgaria, 6. Lithuania.


gold silver bronze
Czech Republic Denmark Croatia

EChJM was held in Most, Czech Republic July 13th – July 18th. There were two strong competitors; Czech Republic and Denmark. Both nations have been dominating in European men’s fastpitch for years. Four more teams attended the EChJM; Croatia, Israel, Poland and Great Britain. All these teams are developing their men’s fastpitch programs and there was a good number of tight games at the championship. Czech Republic won the final game on a run-ahead rule and completed their hattrick in this category.

Final standings: 1. Czech Republic, 2. Denmark, 3. Croatia, 4. Israel, 5. Great Britain, 6. Poland


gold silver bronze
Italy Czech Republic Russia

EChCG was held in Nuoro, Italy June 29th – July 4th. The two strongest teams have met three times during the tournament. Czech Republic won the first time, but wasn’t strong enough to repeat that performance against the 2015 girls U16 European Champion - Italy.

Final standings: 1. Italy, 2. Czech Republic, 3. Russia, 4. Great Britain, 5. Belgium, 6. Spain.

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