What's inside the Development Pack:

  • Introduction to Slowpitch Softball (booklet): Rule Differences between Slowpitch and Fastpitch, Slowpitch Pitching Guide, Pitching Drills, An Umpire's Guide to the Slowpitch Strike Zone, Why Slowpitch Makes Life Easier for Umpires
  • Slowpitch Promotional Materials (print samples): Poster, Flyer and Postcard
  • Slowpitch Promotional DVD (in English - French DVD available)

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Promotional video prepared by BSUK

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Official Federations

  • CEB
  • Olympic
  • World Anti-doping Agency
  • WBSC
  • Enjoy it
  • Tecnovap
  • Whistle shop
  • Bownet
  • Nieuwe Erf